Watch Rick Ross Talk Drake, Wayne, Pusha T, Kanye and Much More On TIDAL

Following the release of one of his most anticipated albums of his career, Rick Ross sat down with TIDAL’s Director of Culture & Content, Elliott Wilson, last night for a candid Q&A exclusively livestreamed on TIDAL.

Fans can rewatch the full interview here:


Throughout the interview, the entrepreneur and rap game boss discusses:

Getting Drake, Lil Wayne, Pusha T and Kayne on a record with his choice of production. How Ross’ first time seeing Kanye in a MAGA hat inspired him to write “Vegas Residency”Featuring young rappers on his project & how impressed Ross is with A Boogie’s flow and ability to touch different vibesThe potential for Rich Forever to live on digital streaming platforms: “Me and Hov may have to sit down and have that conversation”His thoughts on “Luxury Rap”

The process of opening up to write his book & anecdotes he left out:

“I haven’t read the book… My homie Neil who wrote the book…the first 6/7 months he was around me he might’ve got two pages from Rozay..The shit he was asking, I wasn’t comfortable. It took time.”“It’s things I would never repeat til the day I die. It’s not the things I say that make me a boss. It’s things I don’t say that make me a boss.”

Dealing with blogs and living in a clout obsessed society:

“Deal with everything face forward. If the blogs wanna have a negative opinion, let’s create some content they appreciate and make sure the writers understand our value”“Being the underdog is what I wanna be. I want that extra challenge…I gotta nice glass spot for that Grammy whenever it comes. If my career was based on my record sales from my first and second albums, I wouldn’t be here right now. The streets determine my impact, not record sales.”

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