Rocnation’s Darnell Releases New Bail Money EP Today

Critically acclaimed Detroit-born and Los Angeles-based rapper Darnell drops his new Bail Money EP today. The six-song collection boasts the previously released “Turbo” [feat. Reese LAFLARE], “Buckhead ” [feat. Casino], and “ Outta Style”.  In addition, its opener and title track  “Bail Money”  threads together bulletproof bars and a hypnotic and hard-hitting hook. It stands out as the perfect introduction to this ironclad and inimitable MC. The track listing can be found below.

He unveiled the EP at a VIP party earlier this week. Check out photos below.

Bail Money EP Track List:

1. Bail Money
2. Slidin’
3. Turbo ft. Reese LaFlare
4. Miami Vice
5. Buckhead ft. Casino
6. Outta Style

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