Wahida Clark releases App to accompany Blood Sweat & Payback

May 14, 2014

Four-time New York Times bestselling Urban Lit author


Releases Free Mobile App

to accompany her latest novel


The Release Marks the First App to accompany a Street Novel




FOUR-time New York Times bestselling urban fiction author Wahida Clark is the first novelist to release a mobile application to accompany her highly anticipated 13th book, Blood Sweat & Payback, in stores now.  The app is FREE and is available now through the Amazon.com app store for Android [ http://tinyurl.com/kewrwmf ]and provides “Payback” fans with exclusive material, sneak peaks, previews and music inspired by the explosive “Payback” series.  The iPhone version will also be available soon.


Clark’s New York Times bestselling “Payback” series goes out with a bang as well as many unexpected twists and turns in the explosive series conclusion, Blood, Sweat & Payback.  The free Blood, Sweat & Paybackmobile app gives fans who have not yet purchased the book a sneak peak at the drama as well as:

– A free jaw-dropping audio book “The Letter” by Clark fan-favorite, Trae Macklin

–  The free bonus single “Not Conditional” by R&B Star Christopher Williams featuring hip hop artist Nuance.

– 3 One-on-One segment videos.  Watch Wahida Clark tell her amazing story and the inspiration behind her Payback series in 3 one on one videos.

– And an extended sneak preview of Wahida Clark’s “The Golden Hustla Part 2.”


“Clark sets the girls against the boys in a street war where everyone lacks loyalty. Indeed, as one gangsta states, ‘Self-preservation is the first law of nature.’ … Clark writes with a fierce hand and is not timid about offing anyone – rough and nasty sex scenes, and wild shootouts will be a sure hit for hardened urban fiction readers.”       – The Library Journal on Blood, Sweat & Payback


Blood Sweat & Payback follows 2012’s “Payback Ain’t Enough” (CMC) which debuted on the New York Times list at #27.  2008’s “Payback With Ya Life” marked Clarks first appearance on the New York Times list and was one of the first few Urban Fiction novels to make on the list.


Blood, Sweat & Payback marks Clark’s fourth original novel for Cash Money Content, the book publishing arm of the iconic record label Cash Money Records, home to platinum artists Nicki Minaj and Drake.  CMC is distributed by Atria/Simon & Schuster.


Considered the “Queen of Street Fiction,” Clark is one of the most sought after authors of the hip hop generation.  She is one of only 4 Urban Lit authors to have ever appeared on the New York Times list and is the only Urban Lit author on the list who has served time.  Clark has sold more than 800,000 novels to date.  Last year’s release, “Honor Thy Thug,” also from CMC, was her first release in hardcover and followed 2011’s “Justify My Thug” (CMC) which debuted on the New York Times bestseller list at #19, her highest debut to date.

Payback Is A Mutha,” the first release from Clark’s “Payback” series, was released in 2006 and was handwritten from her prison cell in solitary confinement.


About Wahida Clark


Wahida Clark

Wahida Clark has an amazing story.  Tenacity, vision and sheer determination are what helped her turn her life completely around and rise to become the successful author and business woman she is today. Clark began writing her first novel while serving a 10 ½ year prison sentence, including 9 months in solitary confinement, at the Lexington Prison Camp in Lexington, Ky for money laundering and mail fraud.  While behind bars, Clark inked a publishing deal with 2 major publishers, wrote and released 7 novels, including one NY Times bestseller, and laid the groundwork for her company, Wahida Clark Presents Publishing.


Clark has written 13 successful novels to date. Her novels are written to entertain readers as well as to serve as cautionary tales.


Since opening its doors in 2007, Clarks Wahida Clark Presents Publishing has grown into one of the most successful Street Lit publishing houses in the industry with a roster of 23 authors and counting.  She attributes her savvy business model to jail house-mate and multi-millionaire businesswoman Martha Stewart, who she consulted with on her business plan, receiving invaluable advice.


As well as an accomplished author, Clark is also under and National Vice President of the New Jersey- based Prodigal Sons and Daughters Redirection Services, a foundation whose programs help hundreds of convicts and ex-convicts per year to succeed in home-life, family-life, work-life, as well as in their communities and in society.   She also works closely with Phoenix Academy Inc., as Vice President, an organization that provides support groups and mentors for at-risk youth.


Clark’s Prodigal Son’s and Daughters Redirection Services was nominated this year for “Champions of Change,” an education partnership commissioned by President Barack Obama’s Committee on the Art’s and Humanities.


For more information on Wahida Clark, log onto www.wclarkpublishing.com.  For information on Prodigal Sons and Daughters go to Prodigalsite.org.  Follow Wahida on twitter @wahidaclark and on facebook atfacebook.com/wahidaclarksrealreaders or facebook.com/wahidaclark.



Blood, Sweat and Payback

By Wahida Clark

Cash Money Content & Atria/April 22, 2014

Hardcover: 978-1-936399-50-5; $22.99 U.S./ $26.99 CAN

E-book: 978-1-936399-42-0; $12.99 U.S./ $14.99 CAN

272 Pages


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