Gabby B’s music video “Loot” featuring Londdyn B

March 2, 2020

19-year-old- Brazilian pop singer Gabby B‘s  released her new video on  February 4th, and she certainly is not wasting any time in making 2020 her year. The singer teamed up with the popular rapper Londynn B and veteran director and producer DC on the track and music video for “Loot.” Money, private jets, and fast […]

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Gabby B ready to bring Brazil to America

September 29, 2019

With the rise of international artists breaking America, the US Industry is not just a spot for artists from America. Among these artists is Gabby B, who is undeniably worldwide and ready to share her talent and background with America. Gabby B is the one up next, with her beauty and talent, she is about […]

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