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LECRAE Extends His Reach from Music to Tech

Grammy award-winning artist, Lecrae , has branched out from music into tech as an investor! After announcing his partnership with Oust Labs , a full-service agency that converts ideas into enterprises, Lecrae has invested in MXD (Getmxd.com), innovative software that is a game-changer for indie artists, A&R executives, producers, podcasters, editors, film creators and more. “We’re in a time in history where technology is providing solutions for nearly every field. The entertainment world needs these solutions and I’m committed to making sure they are affordable and accessible,” shares Lecrae.  


Anyone can use MXD to create incredible professional high-quality mixes for songs, podcasts, or commercials. Just upload your tracks, choose your sound profile and for less than a hundred dollars, you can get a fully mixed professional audio delivered to your inbox in 48 hours or less.

Hear the MXD difference by clicking here


Lecrae is the CEO and co-founder of several business ventures including Atlanta based, Reach Records , an independent music label he founded in 2004 with a partner, Ben Washer . “Building a record label from the ground-up has given me a deeper appreciation for what it takes to put out your music independently,” explains Lecrae. “ Although I’m now partnered with a major label, I started out as an indy artist and still run an independent label. I wish technology like MXD was available when I started out.”

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