A Fashion Portrait: The Jason Christopher Peters Interview

April 15, 2014


Designer/Model: Jason Christopher Peters, Styled By: Harlan Sidore Anthony, Hat: Play Dirty Sweater: Forever 21, Photographer: Rob Charles, Makeup Artist: Wendell Rodriguez

One of the ways fashion remain fresh and spontaneous is because new rising designers continue to make their mark in this multi-billion dollar industry. I began following this one designer after hearing about him through word of mouth. Right after watching one of his fashion shows for the first time during New York Fashion Week, I instantly knew that Jason Christopher Peters was going to present a spontaneous side of individuality to the world of fashion.

I recently reached out to Jason to have a little chit chat during the middle of one of his busiest years to date. We discussed fashion, celebs, and guilty pleasures in food.

1) You are now on a major press tour. Doing interview after interview with different media people almost every day. How do you feel right now? What has the experience been like lately?

Where do I begin? The media and press around the world always go insane for me. It’s a blessing though because I love them just as much as they love me! The experience has been wildly thrilling but also intense! Interviews can range from a ten minute phone call, two hour Skype interview, an hour long radio interview to four hour sit down interview. It mainly depends on the content and what they want. Also, my schedule is crazy and I feel like the song Piece of Me by Britney Spears plays in my head all day long. Lol

2) You have a new clothing line out, which you premiered in February during New York Fashion Week. Describe to me the new line and the inspiration behind it?

The new lines are basically men’s and women’s ready to wear lines and a baby’s line. The inspiration came from having cartoon versions of my bear pin created into actual characters and put onto clothing. My friend Lawrence did the art work with myself coming up with all of the ideas for the different bear characters. The line is fun and edgy!


Bear Sweater and Pin: Designed by Jason Christopher Peters, Model: Bryan Champion (Red Models), Photographer: Rob Charles, Manicurist: Michelle Matthews

3) When you are creating something, is there a particular group of people that inspires your work?

I am inspired by everyone! From Kanye West to my nephews Jordan and Josh to the cool nerdy kid in high school to Japanese culture to Kate Middleton. I get inspired every single day and some of the most real life experiences and real everyday people influence and inspire me the most. I was heavily inspired by my late grams-adoptive mom Dolores Mae Peters and my pops John Manuel Peters. They always inspired me to never give up and keep going!

4) Who you like to see wearing something from Jason Christopher Peters?

I would like to see EVERYONE in the world wearing my clothing line. The quality is impeccable and the prices offer affordability for everyone. When I see people in the street wearing my brand I go crazy! Miley Cyrus, Khloe Kardashian, and Chris Brown are celebs who I would LOVE to get in my line.


Bear Hoodie: Designed By Jason Christopher Peters, Model: Bryan Champion (Red Models), Photographer: Rob Charles

5) What do you plan to do once the whole press tour is over?

The press tour is going full speed right now. Not only due to the launch of the new lines, but also because I am going to be going on a fashion tour around the US. It kicks off this summer. It is titled the Jason Christopher Peters People Like Us Fashion Tour. I will be doing shows in numerous states around the world!

6) Do you have any hobbies you do at home? What do you do that brings the kid out of you?

Well outside of the fashion industry I am very chill. I like chillin’ at the beach, walking the city, playing basketball and just really chill stuff. After all I am from Cali! I am a really big kid at heart. I am always doing goofy things. I have nephews and believe it or not, I watch cartoons when I am eating Lucky Charms. I have a stuffed animal named Huggies that lies on my bed all the time. I’ve had him since I was born!

7) Many of your fans still remember you from the reality show Stylista. How would you describe yourself then to who you are now?

Oh, Stylista! Lol.  Every day I still get recognized from being on that show, even though it was in 2009. I have changed a lot and don’t even think that I am the same person honestly. I’ve matured and grown a lot in every aspect. I have gotten many offers to return back to television, and you all will just have to wait and see what happens. I love and adore each and every one of my fans from around the world.

8) Finally, when this interview is over, what is the number one food that you plan to splurge on and say to yourself “That’s it for the day!”?

Well we all know that I like to eat! I think I’ll go to BBQS and chow down on sticky wings.

To order from his line and find out more about the designer, visit his website below. Also, be sure to follow Jason Christopher Peters via all his social media platforms.


Twitter: @JasonCPeters

Instagram: @JasonCPeters

Email: JChristopherPeters@gmail.com


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