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Ariana Grande Was Not Amused by Pete Davidson’s Joke on SNL Promo Video – Details Here!

Just as we thought in an article posted on flossmagazine.com yesterday, Ariana Grande nor her fans appreciated the Pete Davidson engagement joke in the SNL promo video. See the article and video here. Ariana Grande did not think the joke was funny and she took to social media to let it be known. Her fans didn’t hold back either as they are surely trolling Pete Davidson at this moment. Before Ariana was aware of the SNL promo video, her fans escalated the war they were already waging on him. Once she was aware of the promo clip, she responded.

In a series of posts, some encrypted and were later deleted, Ariana let her feelings and disapproval be known. In one posted she commented, “for somebody who claims to hate relevancy u sure love clinging to it huh.”

In another she wrote, “thank u, next.”

A few minutes later she added, “tag yourself, I’m Maggie Rogers.”

Pete Davidson is attempting to heal doing what he knows best, comedy. Ariana is also attempting to heal doing what she knows best, music. As we await new music from the star, we’re sure their relationship will be discussed at some point. And while Pete Davidson continues to tour the comedy circuit, its certain he will continue to poke fun at his past relationship with Ariana. Stay tuned.

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