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Blac Chyna’s 18 year-old Boyfriend Says They Met on Christian Mingle – See Video Here!

Hearing from sources and reports, it was difficult initially to believe that the couple’s meeting on Christian Mingle’s site was possible. But anything, as we learn everyday, is possible. And hearing something from the proverbial “Horses Mouth” as they say, confirms it. Blac Chyna’s new boyfriend, YBN Almighty Jay said in an interview with No Jumper, that he met Chyna on the Christian dating site ChristianMingle.com, and among other things, he added that he’s not into using condoms.

During the interview Jay stated, “How did I meet Blac Chyna? I was searching on Christian Mingle and sh*t and I seen her profile pop up and I’m like, ‘This b*tch fire. So I slid in her Christian Mingle messages and sh*t and she responded to my email so then we had linked up and sh*t.”

To another question, Jay answered “I don’t wear a condom! If Chyna got pregnant, I would keep that sh*t like, “Daddy loves you. I love your ass.”

Check out the interview for yourself below. Black Chyna has sunk to a new low and Jay appears to be pretty ignorant, but maybe I was the wrong writer for this story!

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