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Cardi B Accepts Offset’s Offer of $10 Million If He’s Caught Cheating Again – Details Here!

Cardi B has reportedly accepted an offer from her husband, Offset who clearly loves and misses her, that will keep them out of divorce court. The Migos star asked Cardi B to get back together and forgive him for his infidelities, he promised that it will never happen again and offered to pay her $10 million if he’s ever caught cheating again. Also still in love, Cardi accepted her husband’s offer after giving it some thought. And being the consummate business woman she is, she asked for it in a binding agreement.

So with the agreement being drawn up, it appears that Cardi B and her husband Offset are back together again. Upon reading this article or hearing about their agreement, we are sure some fans will question Offset’s ‘if he’s ever caught cheating again’ clause in his $10 million offer. The untrusting will question whether he plans to be more cautious in the future. The Cardi B fans will probably want that re-worded in the agreement in order to protect their favorite rapper’s heart. Stay tuned for more as this story develops.

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