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Diddy Wants to Buy Carolina Panthers & Start Kaepernick at QB

Diddy is reportedly putting together a financial team to allow him to buy the Carolina Panthers. Current Panthers owner is reportedly being forced by the NFL to sell the team after he was hit with sexual harassment charges and racism charges.

Diddy plans after buying the team is to sign and start Colin Kaepernick, who is being blackballed by the NFL for his anti-brutality protest, at quarterback. He also plans to have the biggest and best halftime shows that the NFL has ever seen.

Colin Kaepernick on the other hand want to be a part of the team’s ownership with Diddy. Hearing the news, he tweeted “I want in on the ownership group! Let’s make it happen!”

Diddy tweeted, “I did have a dream to own a NFL team but now my dream is to own our own league! A league where you can be yourself. Have a retirement plan. Have freedom to be a great human and protest for your people without being demonized for your beliefs as a KING!!”

Check out more of Diddy’s tweets below.

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