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Drake and Bella Harris Spark Relationship Speculations – Details Here!

In the words of the legendary Bob Marley, could this be love. While Drake has kept many of his relationships private except the one with Rihanna, the star has now sparked speculations that he may have been bitten by the love bug. As we approach ‘cuffing season with the end of summer coming, a photo of Drake and 18-year-old model, Bella Harris has hit the circuit. This photo which is seen above has sparked speculations that Drake and Bella Harris are in love.

According to Drake’s camp, the two have been friends for a minute and are still just friends. But social media sleuths tend to differ with this explanation. The great investigators that they are have resulted in them finding several images of Bella at numerous Drake tour stops including the most recent photo posted by the model on August 25, which created and initiated the ‘love’ speculation between her and Drake. As not much information is available on this unverified matter, we’ll have to keep you posted as it develops.

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