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Expert TV Psychotherapist Margena Carter Partner with Kaiser Permanente

Licensed Psychotherapist & Mental Health Expert Margena Carter  (appearing  as an expert psychoanalysis  on several TV One  h it crime show Fatal Attraction;  offering commentary on individuals whom committed criminal acts in the name of love)  has a decade of experience as a psychotherapist,  with  solid experience as a mental clinician, specializing in couples therapy, infidelity, divorce, trauma, severe mental illness, anxiety, depression, LGBTQ, addictions, self-harm, bi-polar disorder, personality disorders, self-mutilation, self-harm,  and much more  with an emphasis in marriage and family therapy.  

She is a certified, trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapist with a solution-focused, humanistic-¬†existential, mindfulness approach. In treating her patients, she prides herself on creating a safe, judgment-free, collaborative and authentic environment. Empathy and compassion are key elements in her style of therapy, while encouraging, strengthening and effectively addressing her clients’ life challenges.

As Carter emerges into subjects of marriage and family, she has widened her practice to specialize in relationships, couples, divorcees, and family disfunctions.

“I’ve learned early on in my career that healing one person at a time isn’t enough. I want to help millions!¬†I want to share with the world dating tips, family counseling, increasing mental health awareness, and sharing my clinical expertise.”¬†states¬†Margena Carter, Psychotherapist¬†.¬†¬†¬†

As founder and CEO of Carter Care Therapeutic Services, a private group practice in Manhattan Beach, CA., Margena Carter manages a clinical private practice, initiating 5150 psychiatric holds, and is an emergency room psychotherapist, hospice social worker, public speaker, life coach, expert witness and trauma specialization professor at Antioch University. 

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