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LeBron James Leaves Cleveland Heartbroken For $154 Million and The Lakers Uniform – Details Here!

LeBron James leaving Cleveland was almost a no brainier especially when the stakes were raised to the tune of $154 million. That amount of money will make a decision very easy for anyone. With that said, LeBron is a thrill seeker, he has always been and is the type of player that loves challenges and the possibilities of overcoming them. As a Laker, he will not only sell out stadiums, sneakers and jerseys but he will seek to pull the proverbial rabbit out the hat, and win a chip there in LA. LeBron James’ accolades include, four time NBA MVP, three time NBA finals MVP, fourteen time NBA All Star, and two time Olympic gold medalist.

LeBron James’ move to the Los Angeles Lakers was sealed in a four-year, $154 million contract which he signed on July 1. Fans in Cleveland upon hearing the news, felt their champion, King James stabbed them in the back and heart once again. So be on the look out for the potential mass burning of LeBron’s jerseys again. For LeBron fans they love the player not the team, so they will continue to follow the King no matter what jersey he wears.

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