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Lil Pump Removed From Flight and Arrested – Details Here!

Lil Pump and his crew were asked to step off their flight headed to Los Angeles for suspicion of drugs. According to TMZ, a flight attendant informed the star that a bag belonging to him was tagged by TSA. The TSA at the Miami airport it appears smelled “a potent oder of weed” coming from the bag. As Pump and his crew exited the plane while denying have any drugs officials were waiting for them.

Pump and his crew reportedly kept telling the officials that they had no drugs and should be allowed to get back on their flight. As the yelling escalated, Pump and his manager were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. The rest of his crew were allowed to leave after officials opened the bags and found no weed or any other drugs for that matter. There is no word yet on Pump’s release but we’ll keep you posted.

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