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Meek Mill Issue PSA to All Rappers “2019 let’s start having a owning business challenge instead of jewelery, jets and cars”

Meek Mill exercising his natural leadership skills has issued a PSA to all rappers. His plan if followed is intended to make them prosperous past their 50’s. His plan will also inspire many fans to do the same. Many rappers end up insolvent before their career is over. But the jewelers, car dealerships and jet rental companies continue to get wealthy as new generations of artists come up. Meek’s plan simply put is to encourage rappers to invest their money in situations that will create returns.

His post read, “PSA: 2019 all rappers let’s start having a property and owning business challenge instead of Jewelery jets and cars,keep it up to par but let’s switch it up and level up so we can have money when we 50+ from years of hard work and grinding! Smarten up!!”

Many fans mimic their favorite stars. Meek Mill’s challenge for 2019 may encourage fans to also invest their hard-earned money into things that will generate returns in the future. According to some reports no demographic spends more money than African-Americans, who in most cases at the end of the day will have nothing to show for it. The reason is, the money spent is usually on things that will generate zero income in the future. Stay tuned!

Check out Meek’s PSA post below.

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