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Memphis Bleek and Huey V Drop “Mo Money Mo Problems” Single and Music Video

Milwaukee’s rap artist, Huey V dropped his latest single “Mo Money, Mo Problems” produced by V Spence. Huey V is signed to Warehouse Music Group, Memphis Bleek’s music label under Roc Nation. 

The contemplative track follows Huey’s reflections on his journey from the streets to breaking out as an artist – one that’s still riddled with guilt. Huey rides the slow instrumental with his stories of survival, candidly sharing “If I ain’t come to my senses I’d be buried right there with him, be laying right there with him” which references the murder of his best friend.   

As Huey climbs to fame, he finds himself rocking jewels and Rick Owens but with a heavy heart and shoulders burdened of sins that bleach “can’t cleanse” as he reveals his “biggest fear was never death, was whether mama forgive me.”  

Memphis Bleek, who hasn’t put out a song or verse in nearly 10 years, re-emerges from his lyrical slumber to join Huey V on the track. The collaboration underscores Huey’s breakout co-sign from the rap heavyweight and their close mentor relationship. The New York native cuts through the low strings-led beat with his brash flow as he brings the song’s story full circle by recounting his breakout protege moment, “HOV found me then signed me I was grinding, tut through the rhyming made the world throw up a diamond” as Bleek now passes the torch to his own in the track, Huey.  

Check out the music video directed by Shula the Don and, shot in the hood of Santo Domingo below.

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