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Offset and Cardi B Spark Marriage Speculations – Details Here!

The internet was already buzzing during the BET Awards but when Offset called Cardi B his wife, he broke the internet. Social media sleuths who upon hearing this were curious to know was Offset dropping hints and so they began Google searches as well as social media searches and hashtags for clues. As Cardi B prepares for her upcoming baby shower and the birth of their baby girl who is due any day now, everyone is wondering if her and Offset are hiding a shotgun wedding they way they hid the pregnancy.

What we do know is that Offset and Cardi B are engaged but unless we missed the memo there is no word around town on whether the couple is actually married. But like the social media sleuths we are still looking. Offset made the my “wife” comment while he and Migos were accepting their award for Best Group after thanking their label, fellow artists and God. Offset then said, “I thank my wife. You should thank yours.” We’ll keep you posted on any developments regarding the ‘wife’, ‘married’ speculations. Stay Tuned.

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