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President of Uganda Museveni: What will the USA, Europe or Asia lose, if Africa…Full speech at G-25 Africa Coffee Summit

President Museveni’s speech at the G-25 Africa Coffee Summit: I welcome you most warmly for agreeing to have this Conference in Uganda. Robusta coffee (emwanyi), is indigenous to Uganda. Coffee is not a food but a beverage.
Nevertheless, that beverage, is quite useful as a stimulant that is friendly to the human body.
Especially people in cold countries, need this stimulant. It is the richer people, that can afford to buy coffee. People with less incomes, tend to drink tea ─ another beverage.

Some years ago, the global demand for coffee was 118 million bags of 60kgs each. The global demand is now 160million bags of 60kgs each. Why? Watch the President’s full speech above.

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