Recap: Super Chic New York Fashion Week Show – Pics + Details Here! ( Part I )

Article and Photos by Monifa Payne

On Sunday, September 9th, 2018, Super Chic held their annual fashion show during New York’s Fashion Week at The Skyline Hotel and it was a treat for the eyes to see. For this year’s show, Designers showcased their talents from hand painted fabrics down to custom made heels. The 2018 Super Chic fashion was surely rated an overall success when discussing innovation and trending fashion. Designers from all over the world displayed their talents this past Sunday, designers hailed from various locations such as Florida, Trinidad and Tobago, London, and much more.

The first designer to hit the stage was Eliza in London, from London, England. The collection consisted of black and white fabrics with the use of innovative fabric placements. Check out some photos below.

Eliza in London’s Collection was inspired by the British artist Bridget Kelly, Bridget Kelly is known for her black and white optical paintings that create allusions in your mind. Eliza focused on the artists concept of allusion by contrasting white and black fabrics together. Throughout creating this collection Eliza adopted the concept of life is a game by using strips and checkerboard patterns to create allusions throughout her collections. One challenge that Eliza, along with many other designers faced when creating this collection would be the funding needing for sourcing the materials. However, Eliza believes that a dream should be achieved any way possible and advises others to find any means necessary to achieve one’s goal. Eliza In London believes in giving her audience something new and different look that others can’t find in stores, she wants her clients to feel unique and valued which her Fall 18 collection showcased her beliefs.

Another designer that blow the audience away with their collection would be Prashant Goyal with his brand Heritage India Fashions. Heritage India Fashions collection consisted of bright and heavily embroidered traditional India customs with a twist of modernization. Check out some photos from his collection below.

Prashant was inspired by old century, focusing specially on Victorian art of the 19th century. Each piece in this collection took approximately 8 to 15 weeks due to the hand embroidery and heavily detailed garments. This designer gains inspiration from various sources such as nature and art, as well as his Indian heritage and other cultures as well that incorporates into his collection. Prashant Goyal believes that fair trade and understanding is very important when creating his collections, he follows a plan of sourcing as early as four months to ensure each piece is up to his standards. This culturally diverse collection left the audience in awe and surely was a sight to see.

Another designer that broke headlines for this show would be Bindi Fashion Designs. Bindi, also known as Little Miss Florida US Nation is an eight-year-old fashion designer that proves to young girls all over the world that you can achieve your dream at any age you want to. Bindi is inspired by various sources of art and views designing dresses as a form of art. Bindi believes that designs give her guidance and respect from the world which is one of her values. During her creative process when creating new collections, Bindi belies that each dress is beautiful and that you cannot fail when designing dresses which gives her guideance her when designing new dresses. One designer that Bindi is heavily inspired by is Nora, Bella Fashion Designs. Bindi loves her colors, the fibers and believes her collections are beyond classic. Bindi’s advice to young girls who wish to achieve their dreams is “Never get nervous and if you fall down then get back up and try again.

Nora is also another designer that also showcased her designs at the annual Fall fashion show. Bella fashion designs is known for elegant gowns that use bright and vivid colors. As Bindi would describe her collections as beyond classic, Bella’s Fashion Designs consisted of elegant gowns with bright and each dress exhilarated the woman’s curves.

Bella’s Fashion Design’s Fall 18 collection was inspired by Nora’s love for dressing women, she believes every woman should feel beautiful and she is confident that her designs achieve this goal in every way. Aside from being a fashion Designer, Nora is also the producer of Super Chic New York Fashion Show. Nora is a well-rounded business woman and her production has been noticed nationwide scale throughout her various platforms. Nora’s advice to those trying to start their own business is to keep believing in yourself and stay strong, when someone knocks you down, you to get back up.

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