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Red Axes head to Vietnam for the second part of their Trips series

A year after Red Axes’s musical adventures took them through the sounds and scenes of Africa, they return with a second EP in their series Trips. This time, they explore the rich rhythms of Vietnam. This project is a multimedia venture combining music, film and travel in pursuit of extraordinary collaborations. “Trips#2 Vietnam” is a fantastically colourful and immersive EP that takes you to the other side of the world with real authenticity.

The  accompanying film captures the essence of the trip, shows some of the recording sessions and local life in Vietnam, from beach parties to incense rituals via communal dances in public spaces, all of which inspired this record.

Artist: Red Axes    
Title: Trips#2 Vietnam
Label: !K7 Records
Pre-order here
Out May 24th 2019

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