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Safaree Signs Multi Million Dollar “Anaconda” Sex Toy Deal – Details Here!

In February of this year, a photo of Safaree Samuels’ penis was leaked on the internet and women went wild as to what the star was holding or shall I say packing. Now he’s gearing up to fulfill a multi-million dollar agreement because of his penis. Who would have thunk it?

Shortly after his penis picture hit the net, Safaree began to get offers from sex toy companies to recreate a life size version of his penis. Initially the offers appeared as a joke, that he would get millions of dollars for an instrument that he otherwise thought monetarily invaluable. Turns out that was wrong. In the deal with sex toy manufacturer, Doc Johnson, Safaree will receive an undisclosed seven figure check for the sex toy dubbed, “Anaconda Toy”. After the deal was announced, Safaree took to social media and posted the following, “People who fronted and thought I’d fall off, suck my sex toy.” The Safaree Samuels’ “Anaconda Toy” will be available for pre-orders in December and is scheduled to ship just before Valentines day.

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