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“Tha Carter V” is Dropping September 27th No Matter What – Details Here!

“Tha Carter V” is dropping no matter what – is the official word coming from Lil Wayne’s camp. The star took to social media yesterday (Sept 25) to let fans know that the album is finally dropping and it will happen on his birthday. In the video, you sense in Wayne’s voice that he knows the fans are fed up of waiting and may have moved on. But the star humbly thanks them and lets them know that he has put everything into the upcoming Tha Crater V album.

In his social media post, Lil Wayne assured fans that Tha Carter V will definitely drop on his birthday (September 27). In the video, as Lil Wayne cruises through his office, skateboard complex and recording studio, he states, “I heard there was a misunderstanding about the release date of the C5. I heard y’all got mixed up and thought it was gonna get release like last week or something. He continued, “Well, I would like for you to know that since y’all stuck with me and hung in there anyway for like the past four or five years through all of this but uh on my birthday, I actually have something special. I will be releasing Tha Carter V on my birthday.”

Check out the three minute video below.

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