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THE BLACK BOOK (Starring Tyrese Gibson and V. Bozeman)


Tyrese released his soulful opus Black Rose and in 2016, he’s following that up with his short film, The Black Book.
The veteran R&B singer wrote and directed the 25-minute movie, which was inspired by popular romantic flicks like The Notebook. In The Black Book, an elderly couple are celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary. Due to his wife’s Alzheimer’s, the aged version of Ty recounts their journey into matrimony — from the break-ups to the make-ups and, eventually, their wedding.
R&B singer and Empire star V. Bozeman plays the wife and joins Tyrese on three songs: “Can’t Break Me,” “Waiting on You and “Prior to You” featuring Tank.
“I feel like some of the best movies I’ve seen have some type of resolve to it,” Tyrese told Billboard. “We’ve all experienced trauma and being in dark places, whether it’s relationships, family [or] losing family members.”
“We’ve all been in that dark place that most of us hope never to have to go back to, but I feel like there should always be something positive, something beautiful,” he continued. “It was just my way of complimenting God. When challenges present themselves, I often say that you will grow through what you go through.”
Watch Tyrese’s emotional and romantic short film above

Directed and written by Tyrese Gibson
Starring 6x Grammy Nominated recording artist TYRESE
Co-Starring EPIC RECORDS recording artist V. Bozeman

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