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Tupac’s Estate Plans to Drop Two Posthumous Albums – Details Here!

One of hip hop’s greatest legend, Tupac “2Pac” Shakur pasted away in 1996 but his effect on the culture is indubitable. His influence was evident on his generation as well as the current generation of musicians and artist. A consummate artist, 2Pac was constantly writing, drawing and recording music, many of which were never released until after his tragic death. Pac is said to have recorded hundreds of songs during his short 25 years in this world and an even shorter time as an rapper. To access his unreleased recordings and royalty payments, Tupac’s Estate sued Death Row Records and Entertainment One.

The lawsuit which was settled recently awarded, the Tupac Estate his overdue royalties as well as all of his unreleased master recordings. This is great news for fans of the legend because it means more music, more of Pac’s thoughts and a look into where the star might have been musically today. With so many songs recovered, there is speculation that they may have enough songs for three or more albums depending on how the songs are broken up. The question is when will the albums drop, who will produce them, and who will be featured on the project. Could we await a 2Pac and XxxTentacion collabo?

Stay tuned for more.

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