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Two Beats, One Soul Drops Louie Vega’s “The World Is a Family” ft. Josh Milan

Executive producers Ray Chew and Vivian Scott Chew of the fan favorite Two Beats, One Soul (RMVK Records/Sony Music Latin) album, have released the official video to the project’s lead single – “The World Is a Family” by Louie Vega Ft. Josh Milan. “The World is a Family” video was shot across three different cities around the world including Havana, New York City and Ibiza. From curating late-night studio sessions with Ray Chew throughout Havana, to rocking out a late night concert rave with Anané Vega and Louie Vega, the visual gives viewers a first-hand glimpse into the beauty, color and life that went into creating the Two Beats, One Soul album.

Directed by Billie Woodruff and Vivian Scott Chew, “The World is a Family” video seeks to show connection in humanity through music around the world – regardless of race, gender or religious views, humans share similar life experiences and with love as the concentration, the world can truly be a family.

Check out the “The World is a Family” video below.

[videopress 7Z9eVf1s]

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