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Wallace Peeples better known as Wallo2670 is on a mission to impact the world

Early in his 20-year prison sentence, he developed a philosophical approach to life that embraced accountability and rejected excuses. Driven to inspire others to discover their purpose and achieve greatness, Wallo267 packaged this mindset into authentic and relevant messaging tied to a narrative of never giving up.
Wallo267 leveraged the power of the internet to spread his message of hope, gaining over 60,000 loyal followers by his release date. At this time, he returned to the streets of North Philadelphia to sell t-shirts, telling stories of hardships and triumphs to inspire and motivate others facing difficulties around him.
Over the past five years, Wallo267 has skyrocketed its modest social media presence, backed by a “who’s who” network of pro athletes, music industry giants, actors, and entertainers. Today, he has over seven million social media impressions weekly. As a mega influencer, market disruptor, and global inspiration, he has partnered with household names like Reebok, Hennessy, and PUMA for ad campaigns and the Philadelphia Union for voice-over work.
Some of his favorite moments included sharing his tale of redemption at major American educational institutions, including Penn State University, The University of Maryland, St. John’s University, and Yale University, participating as a 3x TEDx speaker, and filming a documentary for NFL Network. He is the Co-Founder, and Co-Host of a podcast sponsorship with Barstool Sports called Million Dollaz Worth of Game, a #1 weekly podcast on Apple Music. Needless to say, his energetic, thought-provoking approach to public speaking is known to create an engaged community of believers anywhere he goes.
Today, Wallo267 continues to craft viral content that reinforces his motto, “No One Can Stop You But You.” He is passionate about working with underserved communities on how to reset and achieve the life of their dreams. He has active partnerships, campaigns, sponsorships, and speaking engagements across the country.

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