Yeti Siting at Douglas Company

The cute and cuddly Yeti at Douglas Company anticipates anything but cold when it comes to popularity! September 27th, 2019 DreamWorks Animation and Pearl Studio release their newest film, Abominable, about a Yeti named Everest. That same month plush toy maker and lifestyle gift creator, Douglas Company, unleashes Jürgen the Yeti!

Jürgen the Yeti, whom also hales from the snowcapped mountains of the Himalayas, was, perhaps, the best friend to Everest, who’s to say?  This all white, Sasquatch-looking mythical snow monster is a member of Douglas’ DLux collection, a collection of plush that is literally lush. Think lavish, magnificent and unexpected and your vision of Douglas’ new DLux Collection will come true.

Jürgen the Yeti from head to ankle is covered with long white soft fur. His sweet gray face boasts beautiful blue eyes and a sweet embroidered grin. His hands and feet are oversized with just the right number of human digits. They, too, are pale gray. This little guy sits just 9” tall. Even though Yeti’s prefer the artic, this little guy is going to be hot, hot, hot!

Douglas’ Jürgen the Yeti is expected on store shelves in early Fall 2019. DOUGLAS’ products can be found at specialty gift and toy stores in the USA and Canada.

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