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Ariana Grande Airs Out Mac Miller Calls Former Relationship Toxic – Details Here!

The gloves are off and a fed up Ariana Grande took to social media to air Mac Miller out after a fan seem to blame her for his recent misfortunes. Following all the recent reports on why Ariana Grande and Mac Miller broke up, some blame seem to be pointed at Ariana. Many fans have been sharing their thoughts about the matter and point their fingers at the star for the past few weeks.

A few days after Ariana and Mac Miller broke up he was arrested and charged with DUI and fleeing the scene of an accident. According to police reports, Mac was driving in the San Fernando Valley around 1 AM when his 2016 G-Wagon hit a power pole, knocking it down. Mac and his 2 passengers fled the scene on foot. An eyewitness called the cops and told them which direction Mac and his buddies had gone. Cops arrived at the crash scene, ran the plates and got Mac’s address where he confessed to the incident.

Again fans speculated that Mac’s problems stemmed from Ariana leaving him for another man. Still Ariana remained quiet. But recently when a fan on social media chimed in on the star’s former relationship, the gloves came off and she let it all go. Check out their conversation below.

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