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Black Tech turns down $2.5 Billion to lift up Blacks in Technology

By Ameliaismore


In the world of technology things are changing at the speed of light. With each invention that is created there is an investor or technology company willing to buy it. It’s hard to keep track. Well for the past two years I have been keeping track of a car manufacturer that is breaking all the rules.
Anyone and everyone who knows me knows that I love cars and affectionately call myself; “a grease girl.” Maybe not the most appropriate name but it fits because I love cars! So, imagine my surprise when I find out that one to the hottest technology right now in the marketplace has been invented by a black man named; Eric Mims. YES! Mr. Mims as stated on his website (www.mimsmotorsusa.com), “has broken the mold and has become the legendary CEO of the world’s first African American car manufacturer in the past 100 years since C.R. Patterson and Sons of Cleveland, Ohio.

Yet for me, some of the most compelling facts about Mr. Mims has nothing to do with his incredible electric car. First incredible fact is that he is self-taught. He didn’t go to college for this to become his reality. I support education but part of the marvel of his genius is knowing the fact that all of his genius is in his DNA. His IQ is way above average and his acumen allows him to construct things from concept to completion just using his mind. However, what was the most interesting fact about Mr. Mims and his journey is that he turned down $2.5 BILLION because the company that wanted to purchase his patent wanted to gag him. They would give him the money only if he wouldn’t say he was the inventor. Eric turned down the offer because his whole purpose and mission with his company and ventures is to inspire young black children to learn science and understand that they can do and be anything they aspire. KUDOS BRO!!!


Now let’s talk about the car. When it comes to electric cars names like Tesla and Fisker come to mind. Although there is a lot of hype regarding electric cars and zero emissions there are still two main challenges when it comes to driving electric cars. One challenge is the number of miles you can travel on one charge. (Fisker 250-350, Tesla 400 miles) The second challenge is finding a charging station to charge your car. With Mims Motors USA cars both of those problems are solved. Due to his revolutionary technology all of Mims Motors USA cars can go 1,000 miles on one charge. Yes! 1,000 miles! To Floss even more, Mr. Mims has created an app where you can charge your car while you are driving using an app without being connected to a charging station. Making charging your car completely mobile. Problem solved! If, all of that is not blowing your mind this one major fact will… it only takes 5 minutes to fully charge your car using the app or a station. WHAT! How’s that for black excellence? Did I tell you that he didn’t go to college and that this amazing invention was created from a man who is self-taught? Yes, it took him 28 years to develop this technology. Yet many are saying it was worth the wait.
How does Mims Motors work their magic? Outside of Mims Motors, Mr. Mims also has an energy company, Mims Power International. What makes Mims Motors technology so sought after is not the miles nor the charge but the actual carbon fiber magnetic system that lessens the carbon footprint to almost a negative carbon footprint. HUH? Let me explain. When distributed Mims Motors will actually provide the cities and countries that sell his cars clean energy and clean water while providing clean cars. His four-phase frictionless magnetic motor system uses a DCPC battery (direct-charging power cell battery) which is a salt-water cartridge. Take a look…
Insert Energy Informational Chart

The battery uses saltwater to charge the battery (electrolyte) and the DCPC separates the salt from the water and leaves a grey water. The grey water is then processed through a membrane system to remove the harmful particles in the water providing clean water that can be used for drinking, farming and domestic life. How’s that for cipher complete!


Yet all of that is not why I love the car. Remember I’m a, “grease girl” and a speed demon. So, let’s talk specs. The Mims E7 Plus for example has 372 horsepower and 460 ft pounds of torque with auto start and fingerprint recognition. The interior is plush and definitely Flossy. You can go 2 years or 24,000 miles before the battery requires service. It also has front, rear and all-wheel drive for accurate handling. It also comes with a 5-year 50,000 bumper to bumper – 10-year 100,000 mile drive train warranty. The thing I love the most is the pricing. The range goes from $28K to $60K (yet you can pre-order with $100.00 deposit) for a car that has a carbon clear paint option that shows off the weave of the carbon fiber but also can’t be scratched. Yup put your keys away…lol
Succinctly, Mims Motors USA is the future. They pride themselves as; “the beacon of hope everyone is missing.” Well by 2030 many of the states are mandating electric cars only being sold in their state. MA being one that is leading this movement. Mims Motors plans to launch Dec 2021 won’t be missed anymore. It’s my predication they are going to be the car to have especially if you, “FLOSS!”


Ameliaismore (aka Amelia Moore) is an Author, Actor, Educator, TV Host, Journalist, Consultant, former Record Executive & SheEO! Succinctly, Ameliaismore does it all! She is both talent & an entrepreneur. Her first DEI&B book entitled; SheEO vs CEO is not about competition: it’s about effective communication! (www.sheEOvsCEO.com) Her workshop teaches; "The 4 E’s of Men" that helps males and females understand their differences in perspective, personality and purpose. Succinctly, Education, Child Advocacy along with Women Empowerment and Music are Amelia’s ministry! Yet writing is her passion. For the past 10 years maybe even 15 Ameliaismore has been contributing articles to Floss Magazine. Over the years she is proud to be a part of a company that is both consistent and committed to their readers informing them what is new and next. Some of her awards include: Schneps Media; Powerful Women in Business, President Biden Lifetime Achievement Award, Black Excellence in Business, a Proclamation from now NYC Mayor Eric Adams, Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition from Congressional Member Grace Mengas. In August of 2018, she received a letter of recognition from NYC Mayor DeBlasio for her work with a South Bronx step team who stopped gun violence in their community for 276 consecutive days. Yes, whether it’s speaking for UN NGO Center for Media & Peace Initiatives, the US Chinese Chamber of Commerce, National Black MBA or the Far Rockaway PTA, Amelia welcomes every opportunity to teach, inform and advocate. Yes! @ameliaismore is your host with the most who is more than what you bargained for so.... stay tuned for Moore

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