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New Luxury Corporate Travel During the 2020-21 Pandemic

by Jean-Hans Fulcher & CharLena Pearson


Are you having cabin fever after almost 13 months of lockdown? Are you aching to jet off somewhere warm or if you’re already in a warm place, just different scenery that’s live rather than digital? Were you used to traveling out-of-town for business? Since the inception of the pandemic the private jet/charter plane lifestyle and industry have been asking the same questions.

In 2020, travelling for business changed from little restrictions to being completely restricted. Compound that along with the paradigm shift in business going from flying to meet in person to now being satisfied through online conferences charter flying is now more of a luxury instead of a necessity. Yet the desire for the lifestyle and the luxury of it all is still in demand. Fortunately, there are still many countries left to get away too. Despite business meetings occurring mostly on the net, one can still travel directly to a destination if needed

For chartered flights, pricing is per flight hour, you can expect to pay between $1,300 and $3,000 per flying hour to charter a turboprop or smaller jet plane, which typically seats 4 passengers. That price jumps between $4,000 to $8,000 per flying hour for a midsize jet, which typically accommodates up to 9 passengers.

If you’re looking for a discount some charter flights may discount empty seats, but to find that gem, you’d do well to check with a private flight broker. Empty leg flights are not usually scheduled and you must be ready to fly with very little notice. You sometimes have to pay for all seats for the discount. So having a group of friends or colleagues willing to fly at a moment’s notice can reduce the cost. Keep in mind there are some additional hidden fees that you should be aware of such as landing fees that can be as much as $750.00. If doing all this math is too much there is an alternative to this type of pricing within the jet/private chartered plane lifestyle. While other companies are struggling to stay afloat, “Jet It” has had a 300% increase in business since the pandemic.

Glen Gonzales the owner of, “Jet It” has lived the lifestyle and learned the in and outs of the private jet life. He has a master’s in Aeronautical Sciences and a Master’s in Business Administration. Glen betted big on the new future of private/charter jet lifestyle and business. He created a business model that offers fractional ownership. Through his years of experience within the industry he began to see a void in the marketplace. Instead of time, distance and cost for that time; Mr. Gonzales figured a business model that gave his customers more value. That value is based on having access to an entire plane for only $1,600 per hour. However, because his clients are owners there are additional tax incentives and additional daily hours available for usage. That one change in his business model, “ownership” has put “Jet It” outside of the competition. Succinctly, no one can match his pricing unless they adopt the same business model. Leave it to a black man to create innovation with value!

Ok so now that you have an additional option to continue the life of Floss below is a chart of where you can travel and some of the requirements necessary to do so. Enjoy!

Countries to fly in within 3 days of U.S. testing Countries to fly into within 4 – 5
days of U.S. testing (PCR)

Belize The British Virgin Islands
Brazil Ecuador
Dominica Guatemala
Dutch Caribbean Kenya
Guyana Montenegro
Jamaica Nepal
Aruba Maldives
Kosovo South Africa
Dominican Republic

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