Château de Chausse Wines – For the Wine Enthusiast

Château de Chausse’s highly acclaimed French organic wines are the perfect gift this summer season. The fully organic 135-acre estate, located in St. Tropez, Provence produces a choice range of grapes including; red (Syrah and Cabernet), white (Rolle) and Cinsault & Grenache grapes that are used to make the estate’s Rosé.

Château de Chausse wines include: an elegantly crisp and aromatic “Rosé”, a light white “Blanc” with a hint of vine peach, a perfectly aged heartier white “Diamant” with notes of sweet vanilla & pale golden brioche, and an award winning red “Rubis” which boasts a rich, fruity taste with hints of leather, liquorice, violet & black cherry.

Château de Chausse is family managed and run and comprises a 40-acre vineyard on the 135-acre estate. The vineyard is certified organic and operated to the highest standards.  All grapes are 100% hand harvested and the vineyard produces 70,000 bottles of the finest quality wines annually. For more information, please visit:

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