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China Begins ‘Social Credit’ Rating System – Details Here!

The Chinese government has reportedly put in place a national ‘ranking system’ to monitor the behavior of all of its citizens and then rank their behaviors to give them a ‘social credit’ rating. Based on this rating a person’s social score which can move up and down is calculated. Although the program’s primary functions are still a secret, announced examples of infractions include paying your bills late, bad credit, bad driving, loitering, cursing, smoking in non-smoking zones, buying too many video games, posting fake news online and more.

The “social credit system,” was originally announced by the Chinese in 2014, with the goal being to reinforce the idea that ‘keeping trust is glorious and breaking trust is disgraceful.” The Chinese government in its original announcement said the program will be fully operational by 2020. But currently, the program is operational on millions of people in China whose ‘social credit’ are being rated on a daily basis by private tech platforms using facial recognition technology to track them daily and their personal data for rating.

Nine million Chinese citizens have already reportedly been ‘blocked’ from buying tickets for domestic flights, according to Channel News Asia. Another three million people have been ‘blocked’ from buying business-class train tickets. Other penalties for low ‘social credit’ includes, Throttling your internet speeds, Banning you and your kids from the best schools, blocking you from the best jobs, blocking you from the best hotels, and publicly naming you as a bad citizen, to name a few. Good ‘social credit,’ gets you discounts, faster internet, better credit, better job opportunity etc. This program which to Americans and the rest of the free world is the proverbial ‘big brother is watching,’program is schedule to go into full operations in China in 2020. We can only hope other countries won’t follow China in implementing such a program in a world of personal freedoms and justice.

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