This SheEO is merging Fashion and Tech with the launch of Curvy Fashion Week!!

March 4, 2020
Beautiful women come in all shapes, sizes and curves!! Last week CEO of The Curvy Revolution, Keke Simót proved just that with the launch of her very own Fashion Week !! Curvy Fashion Week is changing the way we view fashion by becoming the first ever virtual live streamed fashion week.

CEO of Curvy Revolution Keke Simót

Although only the soft launch, Day 1 of CFW kicked off in a major way live streaming directly from the NYC Google headquarters!! Plus Size Super Model , Lizzie Miller hosted /moderated the event. The intimate evening featured guest speakers Nick Kaplan, President of Fashion to Figure and Fashion Designer Elizabeth Delgado who also showcased her brand, Elizabeth Delgado Designs. Other designers included in the show were New Jersey native, Vedeta Hanley owner of Vhanley Designs & Ms. Denise, owner of 710 Fashions.

Supermodel Lizzie Miller and fashion designer Elizabeth Delgado.

Models wear Elizabeth Delgado Designs on Pink Carpet

On day 2, Curvy took over the Microsoft Flagship Store, located in the heart of NYC’s infamous, 5th Avenue shopping district. The Curvy x Microsoft presents Fashion Labs, Changemakers NYC- Secrets of a Fashion Entrepreneur, workshop was moderated by Simót . She sat down with popular menswear designer, Pharoah Kirk, CEO of Christian Henry. The 45 minute discussion gave viewers and live audience a detailed description of what starting a fashion line entailed and the many struggles Kirk faced in the beginning of career. The now fashion empire caters to some of the most elite NFL and NBA players and soon to be WNBA players. The event concluded with live audience members participating in a live
Q&A with Kirk and Simót .

Keke Simot & CEO of Christian Henry, Pharoah Kirk

We later had the chance to catch up with Curvy, Co-Producer, Michelle Wong who stated “Curvy Revolution is about empowering, revolutionizing and being unapologetic for being a woman who feels worthy of herself on every level. It’s about feeling good about yourself.” Wong also elaborated on the mission of CFW “Curvy Fashion Week brought fashion and tech together to bring a new innovative way of seeing how fashion is presented.”
The final day wrapped up in Simót hometown of Detroit, Michigan, at the renowned Music Town Detroit. The event streamed via Facebook was watch by over 500,000 curvy revolution followers and supporters. It was hosted by detroit native and icon olympian Zara Northover and featured a special guest appearance from Fox Detroit’s own Dr. Sabrina Collection.

Host Zara Northover and Special Guest Dr. Sabrina Collection

The Curvy Fashion Week will officially debut its first full week in September 2020. The week is set to kick off in New York City and stream live events from cities like Detroit and Atlanta with a few others TBA!!
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