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Etu’s World: New York Fashion Week And Palindrome Party 2020 (Photographs)

By Etu Evans

Of course, the night will be magical when your birthday falls in the same month of New York Fashion Week, Black History Month, Ground Hog day to determine the trajectory of the weather and on a Palindrome.

That rare occurrence when the month, day and year is in perfect numerical alignment. This year it landed on the number 2, and the last time that happened was 909 years ago. This is a significant precursor of the year ahead for Harlem World Magazine’s Creative Director, Celebrity Shoe Designer and Style Correspondent Etu Evans.

It’s no secret that King Etu has style and knows how to throw a party where you wish you made the list. His New York Fashion Week and Palindrome Party was hosted in the swanky VIP Rum Room at Negril BK with the ambiance held hostage by purple orchids, his signature color that mirrors the soles of his shoes complimented by cascading white ones. However, it was the hand-picked list of attendees that morphed off of the red carpet and step and repeat that seasoned the networking. The event was fluid with tastemakers and influencers in the fashion, music, sports, media and entertainment industry.

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