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Gabby B ready to bring Brazil to America

With the rise of international artists breaking America, the US Industry is not just a spot for artists from America. Among these artists is Gabby B, who is undeniably worldwide and ready to share her talent and background with America. Gabby B is the one up next, with her beauty and talent, she is about to take over the world.

Gabby B, short for Gabby Bueno, is an 19-year-old singer born in Brazil. Born to a mother who was a dancer and a father that was a professional martial arts teacher, Gabby B’s parents’ skills are easily seen in her talents. Learning from her parents, Gabby quickly picked up on their skills. At the young age of just three years old, she discovered her love of singing. While often traveling with her parents, Gabby learned the Brazilian dance AxĂ© from her mother and discipline from learning the martial artist Capoeira from her father. Sensual, and grasping discipline of her body Gabby was on the track to becoming an incredible performer. Gabby gained further experience through participating in plays and being the star of her cheerleading team in America. From just an early age she knew that she wanted to perform, and whether it was on the theater stage or with a bigger audience at sports games- she was going to perform, and now she’s taking it to the next level.

Gabby may be new to the industry, but her talents say otherwise. Her experience goes back to her childhood, learning on the road and by artists themselves. With her vocal influences coming from Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, and Miley Cyrus Gabby is ready to bring a style that is infused with American culture and Brazilian culture. Aiming to fully keep hold of her Brazilian culture, and even giving herself the nickname of Brazilian Barbie and having a sexy-siracha image, she’s going to bring something fresh to the world. With Portuguese, French, and English speaking skills Gabby is going to bring the world many different cultures and backgrounds through her music, image, and dancing. With her releases of “Receipts”, “Till The Sun Turns Up” and ” Under my Skin” everyone will fall for her addictive music.

It won’t be long until the entire world is screaming her name.

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