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J.PERIOD’s Epic 2-Volume Salute to Ms. Lauryn Hill Premieres on Apple Music 

DJ/Producer J.PERIOD debuts Volume 2 of his award-winning homage to Hip Hop and R&B icon, Ms. Lauryn Hill, on Apple Music today.  Now available in its entirety ( Vol. 1 debuted Feb 14 ), the project is a love letter to a transcendent artist whose boundless talents  still  make her the standard against which all other rapper/singers are measured, to this day.  The move brings another of J.PERIOD’s genre-defining mixtapes to streaming services (his seminal  Best Of Nas  premiered in December ), and celebrates the timeless catalog of this incomparable, global superstar.  

Ms. Hill kicked off on a new tour last week (tomorrow she’ll perform at United Palace in New York City), with continuing dates through July, including a stop at The Kennedy Center for Black Girls Rock in March.  J.PERIOD’s mixtape, now available for the first time on streaming services, not only redefines what a “mixtape” can be—fusing behind-the-scenes interviews with re-imagined hits, remixes, rarities, and live performances—it weaves itself into a kind of “musical documentary” of this once-in-a-lifetime artist, in her own words and music.

Ms. Hill’s debut album still stands as a sea change moment for music, reshaping R&B and soul music forever.  (NPR called  The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill  the  #2 all-time album on its “150 Greatest Albums Made by Women” ).  Often overlooked amidst her R&B acclaim is Ms. Hill’s superior ability as an MC—a rarified skillset that still places her among the best rappers of all time ( Rapsody calls Ms. Hill her “biggest inspiration” ).  That unique combination of skills—a voice to rival Aretha and raps to rival Rakim—separates Ms. Hill from every other Hip Hop and R&B artist, a legacy that remains unrivaled even now.

The Best of Lauryn Hill (Fire & Water)  divides itself into 2 distinct collections: “Fire” (Vol. 1): a nod to the flame spitting MC with scorching mic skills; and “Water” (Vol. 2): an ode to her fluid versatility, and the deep emotional connection held between her fans and her music.  Both volumes are now available to stream on Apple Music.

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