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Kill The Motherboard Release Powerful “Saint Paul” Video Accompanied by Anti-Gun Violence Message

Today, Kill The Motherboard unveil a new music video: “Saint Paul .” The visual depicts a heart-wrenching true story of a tragedy that Jon Brown witnessed in Wahl Park on the North Side of Milwaukee where he grew up, and serves as a first responder firefighter. Jon feels passionate about the message in the “Saint Paul” song and video and hopes to inspire his and other communities to address a pattern of gun violence that has devastated too many lives.

“Saint Paul” was born out of a painful memory whose story I was forced to relive every day. The video is based on a true story. The aftermath of that story was witnessed by me and my family as we walked to the park that day. Instead of seeing kids playing on the jungle gym or swimming in the pool, we were met with police sirens, first responders, screaming and crying family members of the innocent people who were murdered, and yellow tape surrounding the bodies of the victims. The scene of the murders was located right around the corner from where myself and my family lived so I would pass the murder scene every single day and I couldn’t get those images out of my head. I’ve been living in that neighborhood for almost 35 years so I saw what the effects of drugs and gun violence can do to a community. I thought instead of running from it I would address the issue head-on. I wanted to shed light on what is going on, not only in my community but in communities across the country.

-Jon Brown

While making this album, Jon explained to me that the part of Milwaukee where he grew up had been plagued with a very high murder rate (one of the highest in the country). He had just got his new job as a first responder (fireman) in his hometown, and was very concerned with the excessive gun violence that was tearing through his city. He wanted the music we made (and the visuals) to show a true representation of the daily tragedies that can happen when gun violence gets out of control. In the hood, it’s not just school shootings that take lives. People (sometimes even young children) are getting shot on a way too regular basis. This video (for our song “Saint Paul”) is regrettably based on a true story of a horrible event that happened only a few minutes from where Jon and his family live in Milwaukee. It might be a little bit hard to watch, but sometimes people need to see what’s really going on before they are ready to make a real change.

-Jack Splash

Watch “Saint Paul” below: 

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