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Nas’ Queensbridge Venture Partners Sells PlutoTV for $340 Million

Nas is creeping towards his goal of being the next billionaire one million at a time. His most recent deal has placed him a few millions closer to his mark. Nas has always been a visionary and has the ability to see trends years in advance of their happening. He did so in music and fashion and now he’s doing so in business.

Over the past five years through his investment company Queensbridge Venture Partners, Nas invested millions into upcoming internet-based television streaming services among other businesses. One such company was an upstart named PlutoTV. The company has grown over the past five years to becoming a paid streaming service with over 100 channels and tons of on-demand content.

Now Nas and his Queensbridge Venture Partners have sold PlutoTV to major network brand Viacom for a cool $340 million. Viacom also own other network companies including BET, MTV, VH1 and others. PlutoTV’s CEO Tom Ryan released the following statement, “Viacom’s portfolio of global, iconic brands and IP, advanced advertising leadership and international reach will enable Pluto TV to grow even faster and become a major force in streaming TV worldwide. Viacom is the perfect partner to help us accomplish our mission of entertaining the planet.”

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