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Producer Eric Ramsey Hosts The LA Premiere Of CainAbel


A modern-day version of the Biblical story of Cain and Abel, CainAbel is the story of a family torn apart by a father’s ill-fated decision to get money for his family from a well-known drug-dealer. This decision leads to irreversible consequences and sparks a battle between good and evil with his sons Cain and Abel. In the end, one will live and one will die.

This must see movie, starring  Gary Anthony Sturgis as Adam and Rhonda Morman as Eve, Calvin and Melvin Tenner as Abel and Cain, with Carl Gilliard as Moses X, Anika McFall as Nefertiti, Sid Burston as Pimp Lucifer, Antoine and Spencer Holmes as young Cain and Abel, Cullen Chambers as Pastor Jenkins, Erica Kane Burton as Stacia and a whole host of other amazing actors will have you on the edge of your seats.

Eric Ramsey spoke exclusively to the Von Boozier Twins about the official Los Angeles screening of his new film “CAINABEL” and whats next for the Film Producer.

What made you want to tell the story of Cane and Abel and bring this to life? 

ER: The inspiration for CainAbel came about after Rhonda Morman, the woman who played Eve said to me that in my next movie she wanted to play a prisoner. True story, the next morning I came up with the idea of Adam and Eve going to jail in this movie.

What do you want the audience to walk away with this film? 

ER: Since it’s a faith-based film I want the audience to walk away knowing that God has all power and control of our lives and that one mistake doesn’t mean its the end of our lives because we all are sinners, but he gives us free will to choose whether or not we will deliberately continue to sin.

What can we expect from you next?

ER: I’ve done two movies in the past two years. I’m going to be taking a short break and probably resume in July or August to do another film this time it will possibly be a horror or a female assassins movie.

About Eric Ramsey:

Eric B. Ramsey began his professional career as a football player with Auburn University, and subsequently he was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs in 1991. After an injury and many offers to model professionally and act in the film industry, his focus changed to entertainment. He relocated to Los Angeles, CA in 2005 where he quickly found his other talents for filmmaking, writing, and producing.

About Ramsey Entertainment:

Ramsey Entertainment specializes in film projects of every scale & genre. Genres include single camera studio interview type to multicamera and multi- crew shoots worldwide. All budgets are approached the same. As owner of Team Ramsey Entertainment, I am responsible for securing funding for projects, that have been deemed a go for production. I also write materials for projects, as well as cast talents for films. At Team Ramsey, “We Make Films The Old Fashioned Way.”

IG @ErictheRamster  |  Twitter @ErictheRamster | FB: @TeamRamseyEntertainment


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