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Ten Favorites from NYNOW Tradeshow

Any and every fashionista, influencer and trend setter knows that NY NOW is both next level and cutting edge! It’s your vital resource for spotting trends of what’s new and next! It’s truly your go-to for new and emerging brands.  This year NYNOW was bigger than ever with new categories like Cannabis, Toys and a new section sponsored by online outlet Bulletin. Here are my top 10 favorites of thousands shown at the show.

  1. Cosmopolitan Candles – How many times are you fighting with a candle to light its wick when it’s low in your candle.  That issue is solved with Cosmopolitan Candles’ new way to light your candles. Just light & flip.  https://www.colossalrobot.com/candle/about.html

2) Ethics in products is a new trend. Check out www.ethicgoods.com.  They create message bracelets using beads that spell out words using Morse Code.  What makes this memorable and incredible for me is that the people who make these bracelets are survivors of human trafficking.

3) For those of us who love to Floss this product is perfect for that elegant cookout or special event that you don’t want broken plates or glasses.  Check out merrittusa.com. It’s melamine tableware that feels like ceramic and acrylic drinkware that looks like glass. A must have for any host like me who wants the most!


4)For all cannabis lovers, how about CBD & CBG infused wines? Yes, wine inspired by hemp, yet powered by science. Crybaby Wines aspire to mellow your mind while renewing your spirit with dealcoholized; Sangria, Chardonnay, Cabernet & Rose.  For more go to crybabywine.com

5) For those that love heat in their kitchen, here is a new black owned hot sauce that adds spice to your cooking life.  Its heat without scarifying flavor in three variations; Garlic & Pepperoncini, Beet & Fresno or Sweet Potato Habanero  www.hotnsaucy.co

6) My next favorite helps solve the gift giving problem for the man, sports fanatic or collector that has everything yet loves luxury… www.tokens-icons.com repurposes sports memorabilia and iconic objects into fun gift items. This is also for those who want to buy the gift everyone will talk about.

7) How do you make a cocktail more interesting?  Drop of Cocktail Bomb in your glass.  A new trend redefining mixology. It’s the bath bomb for your drinks. www.cocktailbombshop.com

8) As a journalist I know the power of words.  This next pick took small gifts and gave them big meanings. WhitneyHowardDesigns.com is messaging made beautiful. I loved their quotable cuffs  and my favorite blessing rings that are charms with sayings to touch your heart while inspiring your mind.

9) My next to last favorite is black owned, Kariandgo.com. The purpose of this line is to help you pop a dull look with bright designs of kente cloth while matching with style.  I especially loved their reversible bucket hats. What’s cool is that they also match a fanny bag. that functions as a stylish accessory instead of just a bag.

10) Even though life is not a game, finding games that can help you relate to life is a plus. Such is the case with my last favorite, HellaAwkward.com  I found this fun jewel in the Bulletin section of the show. A fun conversation card game that combines people you know with stories you don’t.

Outside of my favorites here is the NYNow Winner list. The next one is in August. See you there!
Best New Product Award: Kiwico Corporation (Brand: HMM), DINARI JEWELS, Tulika, Little Days, Matrescence, Essence of Harris, Flora Bhattachary Fine Jewellery, WorldFinds, Wooj Design, Alex Monroe, Manhattan Toy Company, Be HomeBest Selling Product Award: Cue, Lovers Tempo, ESW Beauty, Sew Heart Felt, Bari Moss Ceramics, Connetix Tiles, SaltedEmerging Brand Award: MatrescenceSustainable Design Award: Bamboozle Home

Ameliaismore (aka Amelia Moore) is an Author, Actor, Educator, TV Host, Journalist, Consultant, former Record Executive & SheEO! Succinctly, Ameliaismore does it all! She is both talent & an entrepreneur. Her first DEI&B book entitled; SheEO vs CEO is not about competition: it’s about effective communication! (www.sheEOvsCEO.com) Her workshop teaches; "The 4 E’s of Men" that helps males and females understand their differences in perspective, personality and purpose. Succinctly, Education, Child Advocacy along with Women Empowerment and Music are Amelia’s ministry! Yet writing is her passion. For the past 10 years maybe even 15 Ameliaismore has been contributing articles to Floss Magazine. Over the years she is proud to be a part of a company that is both consistent and committed to their readers informing them what is new and next. Some of her awards include: Schneps Media; Powerful Women in Business, President Biden Lifetime Achievement Award, Black Excellence in Business, a Proclamation from now NYC Mayor Eric Adams, Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition from Congressional Member Grace Mengas. In August of 2018, she received a letter of recognition from NYC Mayor DeBlasio for her work with a South Bronx step team who stopped gun violence in their community for 276 consecutive days. Yes, whether it’s speaking for UN NGO Center for Media & Peace Initiatives, the US Chinese Chamber of Commerce, National Black MBA or the Far Rockaway PTA, Amelia welcomes every opportunity to teach, inform and advocate. Yes! @ameliaismore is your host with the most who is more than what you bargained for so.... stay tuned for Moore

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