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Witches Meet Tonight to Put a Hex on Brett Kavanaugh – Details Here!

A group of self-proclaimed Witches led by Melissa Madara are hosting a public hexing of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh tonight. The hexing comes a few weeks before Halloween but the Witches are going full speed ahead in what many thought was a holiday season joke.

The Witches are scheduled to meet tonight at Catland Books, in Brooklyn for the “Ritual to Hex Brett Kavanaugh.” Event which starts at 8pm. Many religious organizations including the Christian and Catholic Church have express outrage at our current political environment and the fact that America has come to the point where self-proclaimed Witches are gathering to cast a spell on a Supreme Court judge. The sold out spell casting event is scheduled to be livestreamed on Facebook and Instagram at 8 p.m. EDT tonight.

On the West Coast, Gary Thomas of the Catholic Church’s diocese of San Jose is hosting a prayer mass to counter the Witches attempt to hex Brett Kavanaugh. Does this all sound a little creepy? Well that’s because it is.

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